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City of Gainesville Employee Assistance Program                                 

Gainesville Police Department Employee Assistance Program

Program Highlights   


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Clincial Psychology Associates of North Central Florida is proud of it's Sapphire Award from the City of Gainesville during the 2004 Small Business Development Week for provision of Employee Assistance Program Services to the City. We consider it an honor to be have served our city and it's employees for more than a decade.

We are proud of our City of Gainesville Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Satisfaction Ratings and o to have tripled Gainesville Police Department utilization since becoming providers for GPD.

A special thanks is in order for the City of Gainesville, Florida Gainesville Regional Utility (GRU) and EMS/Firefighters who not only serve our community but respond to other communities in times of disaster or need.  We also applaud the Governor and legislature for finally passing a First Responder bill in June of 2007.

EAP Program FAQs

 How do Employee Assistance Programs Help Employees and Employers?

Employee Assistance Programs provide easy to access services for counseling, crises, and referral.  Since these are provided free to the employee, the employee benefits from direction to resources or stabilization of a problem without cost.  Employers benefit from providing a valued benefit at a minimal cost per employee, reduced accident rates, and reduced absenteeism or sick days.   Both employers and employees usually benefit from cost savings in health insurance and Worker's Compensation costs.

 I am a City of Gainesville Employee or family member.  How do I make an appointment?

If you are a city employee or family member, we can help.   Simply call our office at (352) 336-2888, identify yourself as a City of Gainesville employee or employee family member and our office staff will assist you. 

Please note that sworn officers and their families are served by another provider.

Who is eligible for City of Gainesville EAP services through Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida?

Full-time City of Gainesville employees and their dependent children are eligible for up to three free sessions through the City of Gainesville Program. Our contract with the City of Gainesville also offers administration and interpolation of the Personality Assessment Inventory at no charge to the employee when determined by the therapist to be helpful for assessment or treatment planning.

Beginning in 2018 the City has initiated a program for employees and dependents insured by the City's health plan to continue with our providers after the three visits for a $25.00 co-payment for a standard session. 

What about the EAP for the Gainesville Police Department (GPD)?

Sworn Gainesville Police Department officers are entitled to unlimited EAP visits.  GPD employees who are not sworn officers are entitled to three free EAP sessions per year.

What about Gainesville Fire and Rescue?

Gainesville Fire and Rescue employees are served by another provider -  Please contact GFR.

What Kind of Services are Provided by the City of Gainesville EAP?

Services provided are information and referral as well as brief assessment and counseling.  Assessment and referral for alcohol or drug treatment, depression, anxiety, stress, coping with medical issues, trauma, marital therapy, and counseling for work adjustment issues are common referrals.  We also provide supervisor consultations, on-site workshops and supervisor training, workplace violence consultations and assessment, and DOT Substance Abuse Professional evaluations.  Employees may present with work issues, financial concerns, family problems, personal issues or problems with mood or adjustment.  Our website provides tips for families, parenting, safety and health through our archives, links to community and on-line resources, and our own on-line magazine.

In addition to counseling services, employees may come by our Gainesville office to pick up free educational materials on preventing child and adolescent alcohol and substance abuse, preventing teen smoking, or information about attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What About Confidentiality? 

Self-referrals are confidential and there is no requirement individuals remain with our office for further services.

Supervisor referrals are governed by City Policy and provides feedback to the employer about whether the employee was seen and cooperated with the evaluation, any return-to-work restrictions, if a treatment plan was made, agreement with treatment plan as well as follow-up.

Our confidentiality policies are further explained in our HIPAA documents, as well as responses to FAQs about marital therapy and confidentiality concerning alcohol and drug treatment.

What kind of Providers are Available?

Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida. is committed to providing quality psychological consultation, assessment, and psychotherapy services.  We are proud of our staff of doctoral-level providers including licensed psychologists and psychology residents.  Additional independent Licensed Psychologists located in our Gainesville office also contract to provide City of Gainesville EAP services.  We have staff who specialize working with children, divorce, specializing in alcohol and drug treatment, psychological and neuropsychological assessment, marital and family issues, eating and body image issues, career issues, health psychology, and in working with anxiety, depression and adjustment problems.  Many have been recognized as experts in their fields in state and/or federal courts.

Are There Educational Resources and Materials Available?

Many of our staff have current or past faculty positions with colleges and universities and have authored professional articles as well as articles that have appeared in Gainesville Family Magazine and on this website.  For articles on children, families, divorce, parenting, safety, depression, anxiety, eating issues, alcohol or drugs, stress management and other topics visit our articles and archives section.  It is also a good way to learn about some of our staff's areas of expertise.  

We also maintain a collaborative website with articles and contributions from neuropsyhologists around the country and the world dealing with neurology and neuropsychology topics: 


Below are some helpful articles from our website and the City of Gainesville:


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