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We are proud to be a member of our North Central Florida and Florida communities and to have the opportunities to be involved in state and local organizations and efforts.

Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida (CPANCF) has been a Bronze sponsor of the Florida Sheriffs Association from 2002 to present.  CPANCF was awarded a Saphire Award from the City of Gainesville during it's 2004 Small Business Development Week for provision of EAP services to City of Gainesville employees.

We are proud to announce as of Spring 2014 we have partnered with the Gainesville Police Department to offer an EAP program to all sworn officers and their families.

CPANCF donated $100 to the Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon.  One of our office interns, Brianna Parlette participated in the Dance Marathon where she danced for 26.2 hours to raise money and awareness for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

 We greatly appreciate the awards and recognition that have been bestowed on our practice and providers and will strive to continue to be worthy of the respect and honor of those we serve and the community in general.

CPANCF would like to acknowledge our awesome group of Spring 2017 interns:


 Kim Spurgeon  UF Neuroscience major
 Asnerlie Labady  UF Anthropology major
 Claire Demming  UF Psychology major
 McLaine Pleasants  UF Psychology and Spanish major
 Jordan Shealy  UF English major
 Maria Carranza  UF Psychology major
 Stela Patidar  UF Psychology major
 Kathy Xie  UF Neuroscience major


Best of Ocala 2012, 2013, & 2014 Mental Health Clinic




   Dr. B's "Rocky," as a 4-month puppy. - scroll down to see him at age 2. 





CPANCF has two Psychological Technicians on staff that administer and assess psychological and neuropsychological tests including IQ, memory, personality, and learning disability for educational, psychological, and legal cases.

Kristin Calfee obtained her B.S. at the University of Florida in Neuropsychology and will be pursuing a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Neuroscience. 

Michael Rywant obtained his Masters in Health Informatics at the University of South Florida. He is currently working as a Research Assistant at the University of Florida Behavior Analysis Research Clinic.


Ernest Bordini, Ph.D.

After serving on a discussion panel for the Gainesville Fire & Rescue in 2013, Dr. Ernest Bordini has published two new articles in the Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal. He discusses alcohol and prescription drug problems in firefighters and first responders; suicide and contributors of stress and PTSD, as well as indicators and behavioral signs of alcohol or drug intoxication, impairment and after-effects. More information and the articles can be found here.

The Florida Psychological Association North Central Florida Chapter awarded Dr. Bordini with a Distinguished Service Award in December 2003 "In Recognition of His Work and Contributions to Psychology". Dr. Bordini and his co-author's review concerning issues in the assessment of malingering versus brain injury, which appeared in the journal Neurorehabilitation, is available for download on our website. This continues to be our most requested download. Dr. Bordini has also co-authored articles in the areas of alcohol research, neuropsychological assessment of formaldehyde exposure, use of the Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) for dementia and pharmacological treatments in brain injury.

Dr. Bordini has presented professional and community talks on the topics of Suicide Risk management, ADHD, Private Practice, Managed Care, Psychology Supervision, and has contributed articles to Gainesville Parents Magazine on preventing childhood head injuries. Dr. Bordini gave a talk on private practice aspects of psychology at the University of Florida in September, 2004. In January, 2005 he presented a talk on “Taming the ADHD Child”, teaching social and coping skills at the local CHADD Chapter.  

Dr. Bordini participated in a panel discussion for Human Resource Professionals on April 14, 2005 in GainesvilleFlorida . For the topic titled “Lessons Learned from the Hurricanes”, he discussed his experience during the hurricanes that involved administering the City of Gainesville Employee Assistance Program. Additional panel members included officials from Gainesville Regional Utilities, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office; the North Central Florida American Red Cross; and Mr. Storm Roberts, Morning Show Host, WKTK FM 98.5.

He co-presented two workshops at the Florida Psychological Association summer convention in Sarasota, FL.  These involved psychological aspects of weapons safety and dealing with potentially violent clients.  Dr. Bordini became an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor in April 2006 and along with instructors from the Defensive Training Group has conducted NRA Basic Pistol training for psychologists and other health professionals. 

Dr. Bordini, during his service as a Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at the University of Florida, provided a series of quarterly lectures on forensic aspects of psychological testing to the Forensic Psychiatry Fellows.










Jennifer Evans, Psy.D.

October 23, 2015, Dr. Jennifer Evans presented a talk that was presented by The North Central Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association titled "Working with Transgender Clients". The talk was held at the Grace Methodist Church at Fort Clarke. Other information including the objectives can be found here: Dr. Evans FPA talk flier


Did you know that all of our licensed psychologists are certified to provide services for State of Florida Workers Compensation? We welcome referrals for plaintiff or defense IMEs as well as for psychotherapy.

Dr. Bordini served as an Florida Psychological Association (FPA) point-person in the 2003 Workers Compensation legislative changes. Unfortunately the changes were felt to be a major defeat for mental health services to Florida workers. His comments were published in an issue of the National Psychologist.

Dr. Bordini served as a past Florida Psychological Association Insurance and Practice Chairperson and recently completed a tenure as FPA Insurance co-chair from 2006-2008.  He had urged FPA to support efforts to pass the Florida Worker's Compensation First Responder Bill.  This passed into legislation in June 2007.  For firefighters, law enforcement and other first-responders, this restores some of the benefits lost in the 2003 law changes.


Drs. Bordini has participated in the City of Gainesville Violence Avoidance Committee since 2005 as part of our services to the City through our Employee Assistance Program. We appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the City's efforts to provide a safe workplace for its employees.  In 2006-2009 Our staff has provided on-site services in terms of dealing with serious medical issues, and Dr. Melchor provided a series of presentations on depression, resilience and medical illness.  We are proud to announce that we have been serving the City of Gainesville by providing EAP services for 10 years and Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida were awarded the contract to continue in 2009 and beyond.


We are proud to announce our new partnership with Suwannee Lumber Company, LLC. CPANCF is now offering all Suwannee Lumber Company, LLC employees our services through an EAP program.


Visit our ADHDASSESSMENT.COM website which now features a selection of books on ADHD and Learning Disabilities as well as articles about ADHD ASSESSMENT and Alachua County School System ADHD Accommodations. Our new website ADHD-THERAPY.COM has more articles about dealing with ADHD. Watch for future development of our PEDIATRIC NEUROPSYCHOLOGY website. We are accepting referrals of parents of ADHD or Oppositional children for parent groups starting in Fall 2005. These groups focus on developing social skills, anger management skills and dealing with teasing. They are most appropriate for children with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, social anxiety disorder, or nonverbal learning disabilities.

In late 2007 we assumed ownership of NeuropsychologyCentral.Com, a colloborative website with national and international prominence.  It hosts forums, links to resources, as well as educational content concerning neuropsychology. 




FREE resource for those that are interested in quitting smoking.

Nicotine Anonymous is having their next meeting Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 5:30pm. The meeting is located at The Primary Purpose Club, 1329 NW 6th Street at the corner of 14th Ave and 5th St.

If you are interested and cannot attend this meeting, there will be a new meeting every Wednesday!





Dr. B's Rocky - See How He's Grown!

Sometime's he comes to pay us an office visit. 

If you see him around the office, please look and say Hi, but as with all large dogs you don't know, don't approach to touch without permission!









Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional Evaluations

As of December 2003, all Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) must have completed training required by the United States Department of Transportation and have passed an examination based upon that training. The training and a passing score are necessary to serve as a SAP conducting evaluations and follow up for positive drug screens. In addition to his substance abuse Certificate of Proficiency by the American College of Professional Psychology, Dr. Bordini has obtained the above training and passed examination through the Natinal Association of Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) and certified as a NAADAC Substance Abuse Professional.




Judith Migoya, Psy.D., a former associate now has her own successful practice in Coral Springs, Florida   Lesley Foulkes-Jamison, Ph.D., also one of our former associates, is currently in private practice in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Randi K. Lincoln, Ph.D. completed her tour as a Visiting Associate with our practice. She reports she continues enjoying her neuropsychology staff position at the Seattle Washington VA Medical Center.  

Former Resident and Associate Lacey Klingler, Psy.D. is now in Private practice in Kentucky. 

 Kay Hurlock, Psy.D. completed her psychology residency in the Fall of 2008. She added to the range and depth of our adult psychotherapy staff and expands our treatment services for thos with alcohol or drug addiction or abuse.   She and her husband have moved to Virginia and later Texas, where she served assessment and intervention roles as a psychologist with University of Houston students.  She is now in private practice as a Texas psychologist.

Dr. Shauna Springer, Licensed Psychologist, brought a wealth of expertise in career and marriage issues, eating disorders, depression and general adult therapy and counseling to our practice.  She will be completing her tenure with us in early March 2009.  She and her husband have moved to California and serve our Veterans' through the Northern California Veteran's Administration system. 

Amanda Ross, Ph.D. continues to pursue her career path toward becoming a psychologist after serving two tours with us as a psychology assistant and most recently completing an internship with us through the the University of Ohio, Akron.  She is now completing a psychology residency at the University of Florida Counseling Center.

Regina Melchor, Psy.D. has moved closer to family in south Florida, and continues to practice as a pediatric psychologist in private practice and hospital settings.

Regilda Romero, Ph.D., has moved with her family and now practices in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Many of our former residents practice right here in the North Central Florida area.

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